What is "on my Grown?"

A podcast where two millennials discuss the confusion, the struggles and the comedy that comes with adjusting to adulthood. They discuss everything from Corporate America, to dating, to just staying afloat. 




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who are we?

Two HBCU graduates with quite differing points of view. Their banter and disagreements are what keep the podcast going!



witty. innovative. charismatic. 

 Rodney is a 25-year-old Bellwood, Illinois native. A Morehouse College Alumnus, Rodney originally arrived in Atlanta in the Fall of 2010. His inspirations are Kevin Hart, Malcolm X, and Robert Townsend. 



Creative. Ambitious. Entertaining.

Melanie is a 23-year-old from Miami, Florida and has been living in the Atlanta Metro area since 2007. She graduated from Florida A&M University in the fall of 2015. Her inspirations include Issa Rae, Quinta Bronson and Necole Kane. 


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